Xbox Is Giving Away One Very Colorful Borderlands 3 Console

Microsoft is doing another one of its Xbox giveaways where its fans have a chance to get a custom Xbox unlike any other. Most of these giveaways are aligned with some of the biggest game releases around the time the sweepstakes take place, and this one's no different. The latest console that'll go to one lucky person's home is a Borderlands 3-themed Xbox One X that's decorated with the unmistakable Borderlands mask splashed with all sorts of colors.

The latest Xbox sweepstakes was announced on Saturday with a tweet from the official Xbox Twitter account showing off the console. The top of the device is colored in a way that'll be familiar to those who saws the marketing for Borderlands 3 before its release where the bandits and Psychos that fill the game were drawn in different styles. This one looks like some paint exploded on your console with the result being a Borderlands 3 graphic, and it can be yours if you're lucky enough.

Like the other sweepstakes Xbox runs, all you have to do to get this one is retweet the post above and use the hashtag included. You've got to follow the Xbox account as well, but you were probably already doing that if you're even remotely interested in what's going on with Microsoft's gaming endeavors. Only one person will be selected to receive this grand prize, so expect to see some very excited posts from whoever gets this once the winner is selected on October 21st. The official rules will tell you a bit more about the contest and anything that might disqualify you from winning the console.

Contests of this nature are run pretty frequently by Microsoft, but even if you're not lucky enough to win a console, you've still always got the chance to own a fancy Xbox One or Xbox One X through the normal options for sale. Just a few tweets below the one above is another post advertising the NBA 2K20 console which is mostly white with some colorful spots decorating the device.


Borderlands 3 is now available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and you can try your luck at getting the themed console from now until October 19th when the contest ends.