Xbox Collector Owns Every Official Xbox One Controller Ever Made

An avid collector of Xbox One controllers has returned to show off an updated collection that [...]

An avid collector of Xbox One controllers has returned to show off an updated collection that includes every first-party controller for the console that Microsoft has ever released.

The YouTuber by the name of EDDS-Xbox shared the video above on Sunday that revealed an updated look at their Xbox One controller collection. A sprawling collection of controllers laid out in a living room featured all of Microsoft's many official Xbox One controllers right down to the Adaptive Controller that was recently released to make the Xbox One games more accessible for players who required the device to game.

If there was ever any doubt that the controller collector owned every device, the collector walks viewers through their collection by going to each one of the controllers while sharing some details about the devices. The first one, for example, was the "I Made This" controller that was given to the launch team of Microsoft employees who helped release the console back in 2013.

There might be some controllers that people notice aren't included in the collection, but the collector had some stipulations for their collection that meant they didn't collect any custom controllers, even those that came from official companies but had been repainted to feature graphics from the games.

"Collection Criteria: I only collect 1st party unique controllers straight from the factory, so no custom painted controllers like the pizza hut, t mobile, fallout ones etc.," the collector said in their YouTube video's description.

Those controller omissions include the grease-proof PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds controller with the collector answering a comment from a viewer to say that the device was a standard controller underneath the gloss, so it wasn't included.

If the setup looks familiar, it's because the same collector shared a video in July 2017 that showed the same collection concept with all the controllers released at that point lined up in the same way. The initial video got quite a bit of traction from people who were interested in the expansive Xbox collection, so the collector returned over a year later with an up-to-date collection including every controller released since then.

The controller collector answered some more questions about their stash and said the Crimson Omen Gears of War 4 controller was their favorite. They also joked that, despite having such a huge collection, guests still have to bring their own controller so that the collection remains in pristine condition.