Select Xbox Accounts Can Now Be Linked to Discord

Following the release of the 1805 System Update for members in the Xbox Insider Preview Alpha [...]

(Photo: Discord)

Following the release of the 1805 System Update for members in the Xbox Insider Preview Alpha program, certain Xbox owners are now able to link their Xbox and Discord accounts together.

Towards the end of April, the Xbox team released an announcement that previewed the Discord integration feature that would be coming for select users first before rolling out to everybody. Some of the benefits of linking the accounts included being able to tell what your friends were doing with their Xbox while you weren't on yours at the time. With the Discord integration update now live for those in the Xbox Preview program, certain Xbox owners can now take advantage of these benefits.

"You can now easily link your Xbox Live account to your Discord account from a Discord app (PC, mobile) and from the 'linked social accounts' Setting menu on Xbox One," the notes for the 1805 System Update read. "When you link Discord to your Xbox Live account, your Xbox Live presence will be shared across Discord, enabling friends and users in your same Discord servers to see what you are playing on Xbox Live. Keep in mind that your Presence will be shared with anyone on Discord, independently of your Privacy Settings on Xbox."

The update that was released on May 3 added the Discord feature, but if you haven't yet linked your accounts, the patch notes included instructions on how you can link your Discord and Xbox accounts together. It did warn though that you'll have to use the Discord app on Android or iOS devices to complete the process and not the PC version, at least until the PC app is ready from the Discord team.

What you need to do on the console:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Linked social accounts
  2. Select "Link" under Discord
  3. Follow the instruction in your screen to start the account linking process:
  4. Say 'yes' to the MSA consent dialog, allowing Xbox to share your information with Discord
  5. A 6 digit PIN code will show up in your console
  6. Go to your Discord app and insert the 6 digit code that shows up in your screen
  7. Accounts should now be linked and your Xbox presence will start being displayed in Discord
  8. If you say 'no' to the consent you'll go back to settings, account won't be linked

The Xbox and Discord integration is the core feature that was highlighted in the patch notes, but you can read through the rest of the changes here.