Xbox Elite Controller 2 Patent Reveals Deeper Customization Features

The patent and the information it conveys lines up with earlier reports this year that said the [...]

xbox elite controller
(Photo: Microsoft)

While Microsoft has yet to officially announce or reveal a follow-up to its popular Xbox One Elite Controller, reports and leaks have seemingly revealed that Microsoft has been hard at work on another premium controller for awhile now.

Recently, Microsoft filed a new patent with the UPSTO for what appears to be the Xbox One Elite Controller vol. 2, revealing even deeper customization features compared to the first iteration.

Titled, "Game Controller With Removable Controller Accessory," the patent describes and shows off a controller that includes both "accessory retention" and the ability to allow owners to replace literally every single button for the ultimate customization experience.

As you may know, with the current Elite controller, you can manipulate it any way you'd like thanks to magnets that lock accessories into place while in use. As many users have reported, the design isn't perfect, with durability being a common issue. Further, more intense moments that require quick and strong stick and button movements can lead to things coming loose at times -- particularly the sticks -- however, it's mostly a non-issue.

The new Xbox One Elite Controller will presumably refine this, and as the patent illustrations show and describe, it will retain a lot of what made the first controller so popular, such as its shell design, its eight way D-Pad, and the joystick variant.

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The patent and the information it conveys lines up with earlier reports this year that said the controller will be more refinement than revolutionary.

According to said reports, the Xbox Elite Controller 2 will also add a USB-C charging port, a charging dock with an Apple MagSafe-like locking mechanism, and tension controls for the joysticks. The latter will apparently allow players to customize the resistance of each stick in order to provide the exact feedback they want.

As always, it's important to remember that patents aren't always indicative of a final product. Different types of patents are filed all the time, and many times nothing comes from said patents. Whether this patent is faithful to what the Xbox Elite Controller 2 will actually be, only time will tell.

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