New Xbox Game Pass Black Friday Deal Announced With New TV Spot

For those looking to get some good deals on their holiday shopping, there is no shortage of them [...]


For those looking to get some good deals on their holiday shopping, there is no shortage of them in the gaming-verse. Best Buy, GameStop, Xbox, PlayStation - everyone is having their own special deals for this time of year and not going to lie, some of them are pretty epic. But for those interested in a "gift that keeps on giving," this Xbox Game Pass deal might be the one for you.

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In addition to the awesome deal on an Xbox Live membership, Team Microsoft is looking to sweeten the deal a bit. If you don't already have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can now get it for $1 for a limited amount of time. The downside, if you already have the membership - the deed is done, but for those that haven't checked it out yet; it's 1 dollar for the first month. Don't fancy it? Simply unsubscribe before the month is finished and you won't have to pay another dime.

For those that may not be aware of what the Xbox Game Pass even is:

"Enjoy unlimited access to over one hundred great Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles for only $9.99 per month, including fan-favorites like including exclusives like Halo, Gears of War, and Fable. With so many games to discover and download, your Xbox experience will never be the same.

Play games across multiple genres, from action/adventure and family favorites to shooters, sports, puzzle games, and more. And with new titles added every month, you'll always have a wide selection of great games to choose from.

Download games directly to your console and play online or offline in full-fidelity, without any streaming or connectivity issues. Whether it's a new story to immerse yourself in or an old journey you're eager to revisit, experience your games as they were intended.

Love an Xbox One game and want to own it? Interested in an add-on or Season Pass for a title you're playing in the Xbox Game Pass catalog? Save 20% on Xbox One game purchases and 10% on all related add-ons, but only while the base game is currently in the catalog. Xbox 360 games do not qualify for discounts."

With new games being added constantly, it's not a bad idea for Xbox fans.