New Xbox Game Pass Game May Be Its Biggest Yet This Year

Xbox Game Pass has a few new games across Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC, and one of them may be the biggest game the subscription service has added so far this year. 2021 wasn't the greatest year for games, but even a slow year has great releases. Last year, these great releases included the likes of Deathloop, It Takes Two, Resident Evil Village, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Returnal, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Metroid DreadChivalry 2, and Hitman 3. As you could probably guess by now, one of these games is now available via Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. More specifically, all Game Pass subscribers no matter the platform can now enjoy Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. For how long, we don't know. It's not a permanent addition, but this is all we know. 

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was released on October 26, 2021, as a cross-gen game from publisher Square Enix and developer Eidos Montreal, the developer best known for the Deus Ex series. Upon release, the game garnered Metacritic scores ranging from 78 to 84, which isn't the greatest. The Nintendo Switch version is a 58, but that's because it's a bad port, not a bad game. These aren't the greatest review scores in the world, but the game still sold a few million copies, won Best Narrative at The Game Awards 2021, and won our Best Single-Player Game of 2021

"Fire up a wild ride across the cosmos with a fresh take on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy," reads an official blurb about thegame. "In this action-adventure game, you are Star-Lord leading the unpredictable Guardians from one explosion of chaos to the next. You got this. Probably."

Now that Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is available via Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it means subscribers can buy it outright with a 20 percent discount. Once it leaves the subscription service, this offer will expire. 

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are both available via modern Xbox consoles and PC for $10 and $15, respectively.