Xbox Game Pass Rumored to Get Another Huge Subscription Service

Xbox Game Pass already got a big upgrade this year with EA Play being added to Xbox Game Pass [...]

Xbox Game Pass already got a big upgrade this year with EA Play being added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions on top of all the games that are routinely added, and if a new rumor plays out as people hope it will, there might be another subscription to look forward to next year. The new rumor about Xbox Game Pass plans for 2021 suggests that the Ubisoft+ service that offers people instant access to over 100 Ubisoft games for a flat rate will also be added to Xbox Game Pass, likely through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions as EA Play was.

Rumors about Xbox Game Pass getting Ubisoft+ subscriptions rolled into the package circulated online this week with many crediting the Xbox Worlds site as the source. Though the rumor may have been entertained in forums and other discussions, Xbox Worlds included it in a list of the biggest supposed Xbox rumors going around right now.

That alone isn't much to bolster the rumor since theories like these float around discussion boards and forums frequently, but others have weighed in to make the rumor now seem more probable. Windows Central's Jez Corden who has a good track record with Windows and Xbox-focused news said he believes there's a "strong chance" of the rumors being accurate based on what he's heard.

The point about Ubisoft+ possibly adding a smaller selection of games to Xbox Game Pass as opposed to its entire vault is one that's been suggested online alongside the initial rumor. Considering how many games Ubisoft offers through the service and how it gets new Ubisoft releases at launch just as Xbox Game Pass does with first-party games, that would make a lot of Xbox owners far less inclined to purchase new Ubisoft releases on day one. EA Play functions similarly to both services though and was included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions with no caveats, so there's always the chance that the same could happen with Ubisoft+ next year.