Xbox Makes Three More Games Free to Play This Weekend

Xbox’s Free Play Days is back after taking a weekend off to make three more games playable for free this weekend so long as you have either an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Those three games are Jump Force, Hunt: Showdown, and Stellaris: Console Edition, and they’re all playable right now until the end of day on May 31st to round out this month’s offering of free games. You don’t get to keep them after you download them, but like other games featured in the Free Play Days weekends, you can purchase them at a discount if you’re into them.

Microsoft announced the latest selection of free-to-play Xbox One games on Thursday after the games first became playable for free. The games this weekend offer a mix of things like an anime fighter, a multiplayer monster hunter, and a strategic space game.

Jump Force is the game from 2019 that brought together tons of different characters spread out throughout different manga and anime under one arena brawler. Both it and Stellaris, the game where you control an empire in space, have multiple special editions available to purchase that come with more content and are discounted just like the main games are.

If you’re looking for something you can play with and against others at the same time, consider trying out Hunt: Showdown, a multiplayer game where players hunt down monsters and try to make off with the bounty while fending off other opposing bounty players at the same time. There’s only one version of this game available, so you can purchase that at 40% off if you like what you try this weekend.

“A survival based, first-person competitive bounty hunting game,” Microsoft’s preview of Hunt: Showdown said. “Play solo, or in a duo or trio, to track down boss monsters on huge maps, then outgun other players to claim the bounty. With Xbox’s Free Play Days, experience Hunt’s unique style of gameplay and fight your way through the richly detailed Bayou – and keep an eye out for the limited-time discount in the Microsoft store.”


Cross-play and other features are planned for Hunt: Showdown in the future, so if you like it, perhaps you’ll be playing with friends on the PlayStation 4 sooner rather than later now that it’s available on that platform as of this year.

Xbox’s Free Play Days weekend starts now and will be available until May 31st.

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