'For Honor' Now Available for Free for Xbox Live Gold Members

for honor

For Honor is now available on Xbox One for free for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers via the month's free games with gold.

In addition to For Honor's Xbox One offering, Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is also now available for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers for free via the Xbox 360. While Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is only available to download until August 31, For Honor can be downloaded any time before September 15, and as long as you keep your subscription to Xbox Live Gold, it will forever be in your games library to play.

For those that don't know: For Honor is an online action fighting game developed and published by Ubisoft for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Launching back in February 2017, For Honor garnered a 79 on Metacritic (Xbox One version) and a considerable player base. And while it hasn't had as robust of a player base than some other online Ubisoft games, it still maintains a healthy player count and hardcore following. And if you're on Xbox One, it's about to have a whole new injection of players, so if you haven't dabbled in it, now is as good of a time as ever.

You can read more on the game below, courtesy of an official overview from Ubisoft:

Enter the chaos of war and choose your faction. Play as a bold Knight, a brutal Viking, or a deadly Samurai. Experience the thrilling story campaign solo or co-op, and fight in brutal PvP multiplayer modes, now on new dedicated servers. Choose a faction, grab your sword, and fight with your allies to survive in innovative PvP melee combat.

  • Enjoy An Evolved Experience - with 12 base Heroes, 18 maps, new PvP and ranked modes, thousands of gear items, and more since launch.
  • Dedicated Servers - provide a stable and seamless experience as you fight to claim victory for your faction.
  • Earn Rewards - while you learn the art of combat with a brand-new training mode that takes you from Apprentice to Master.
  • Make The Fight Your Own -- Customize your Heroes with thousands of different weapons, emblems, and more.

Alongside For Honor, Forza Horizon 2 is also currently free for all Xbox One users subscribed to Gold, and has been since August 1 and will be until August 31.