New Xbox Controller Leaks Ahead of E3

A leaked image appears to have revealed Xbox’s new controller ahead of its official [...]

A leaked image appears to have revealed Xbox's new controller ahead of its official announcement.

The image definitely doesn't look like any Xbox controller that Xbox One owners have seen before with a flattened appearance and some oversized buttons. Twitter user WalkingCat shared the images with little context but did say that this was "Z" when asked what the controller was, a possible hint at a project name.

Without any explanation or context to go along with the image, it's led to some speculation as to what the controller is actually for. Those responding to the Twitter user asked if there was a chance this was related to mixed-reality gaming or some other innovative use seeing how it doesn't exactly look like it'd be nearly as comfortable as the normal controllers, but WalkingCat shared no more details. According to Windows Central's report though, it appears that this new controller might be designed with accessibility in mind.

As the initial report points out, there are a few details that would lead one to believe that accessibility is the goal with this new controller. The two large black buttons are the "A" and "B" buttons as seen on the engravings beneath the buttons, and the top of the controller is lined with different symbols that hold different meanings on the Xbox platform. Icons for everything from the universal power symbol to the shoulder and trigger buttons on the base Xbox One controller can be seen across the top of the new device. There also appears to be a USB port and a headphone jack on the side, and those who saw some of the previous leaks for a new version of the Xbox One's Elite Controller will recognize the three-bar design located just above the directional pad.

Microsoft hasn't shared any official news about the new controller yet, so while it certainly looks the part of being an official Xbox product, it hasn't been confirmed yet. However, with the image now supposedly leaked, it's not hard to imagine that a full reveal will come sometime soon between now and E3. This device could've been planned for a reveal during Microsoft's Xbox showing at E3, so look for it there if not before to see if this controller is the real deal and what its true purpose is.