Xbox Reveals New Next-Gen Accessories

In a new blog post, Microsoft has revealed new details regarding accessories coming to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The new Xbox controller launching alongside this year's consoles was previously announced in Carbon Black and Robotic White, but it will also be available for purchase in the Shock Blue coloration, as well. The front of the controller is blue, while the back is colored white. For those looking for something a bit flashier in November, the controller should be a very appealing option! The Shock Blue controller can be seen alongside the previously announced controllers in the Tweet below.

In the blog post, Microsoft revealed that Xbox PC controller bundles will be updated, and will now include the Carbon Black controller that comes bundled with the Xbox Series X. Two bundles will be available, offering the Carbon Black controller with a Wireless Adapter or with a USB-C Cable. These items will go on pre-order alongside the Shock Blue controller on September 22nd, and will be delivered on November 10th. Like previous Xbox controllers, these new controllers require batteries, but the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable is available for $24.99.

Both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will be compatible with existing controllers, so those making the upgrade won't have to purchase a new controller. Both the Shock Blue controller and the model that comes with each system, however, will offer a slightly upgraded design, and some new features. The controller has seen a number of minor changes to make it friendlier, including the ability to remember more devices. Further details can be found right here.

Among today's announcements, Microsoft also revealed that changes are on the way to Xbox Design Lab. Starting on October 14th, the website will be offline, and that should last through the start of 2021. Those looking to create a custom controller for a friend or loved one this holiday season will want to get their order in by October 13th.

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