Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program Now Includes Over 400 Games

With the addition of a couple more games that were recently added to the growing catalog of [...]

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With the addition of a couple more games that were recently added to the growing catalog of backwards compatible games able to be played on the Xbox One, the total number of game that players can choose from has now crossed the 400-game threshold.

Though not all of the Xbox 360 games may be attractive options for players who have gotten used to the upgraded consoles, having such a massive library of older games ensures that there's going to be something in there to satisfy any genre or player need, especially if you fondly remember the older games in the lineup. Just barely over 400 games, three older titles that were added to the Backwards Compatibility program have pushed the grand total upwards to 402 games. With plenty of Xbox One games – both exclusive and cross-platform – available in the gaming library alongside all of these older games, the new and old games create quite an impressive amount of titles.

Of course, the recent games that helped push the number to this milestone deserve their recognition as well, several games that will likely have no problem being purchased for their low price. Earlier in the week, Red Faction: Armageddon, Gyruss, and Raiden IV were added to the Backwards Compatibility program, and the fan-favorite of Tomb Raider: Underworld also helped carry the total over to the lofty number that it now sits at.

Each one of the first three games mentioned above were covered a bit previously when they were added, bringing several shooters and arcade-style games to the list of Backwards Compatible games. Tomb Raider hardly needs any introduction when it comes to gamers though seeing how the series has persisted from older consoles to the newer ones and is now being brought back once more for the Xbox One program.

As the Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility program continues to grow with more Xbox 360 game being added a few at a time, players can expect the total number of games in the catalog to grow even more later on in the year when original Xbox games are added as well. But until then, there are plenty of Xbox titles to keep you busy.