Xbox's New Studios Will Reveal "Things Nobody Has Ever Seen Before" at E3

Microsoft has been teasing and hyping up its E3 2019 presentation quite a bit the past couple months, noting, multiple times, that not only is it going big for E3 this year, but that its presence at the show will be bigger than ever before. Not only does this suggest that it will unveil -- or at least announce and tease -- the next-gen Xbox, but will announce some games for it from its newly acquired studios. And according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, we are getting just that. The latter that is.

Speaking during a recent Xbox Inside presentation, Spencer promised that we will soon start seeing its next wave of games, including ones from its new acquisitions. More specifically, the Xbox boss says that E3 this June will serve as a showcase of numerous projects in the pipeline, all in various stages of development.

"Our new studios are going to have things to show, which is going to be awesome--some new things that nobody has seen before, which will be fun," said Spencer. "I think it's going to be really interesting to just have those teams showing up this year and starting to show what they're building for us."

That said, while we will start to see the future of first-party Xbox during E3, it's going to be awhile before we know what all the new studios are up to.

"It's been nice as you're starting to work with these studios, they come in, I think how big of a deal E3 is for a platform and I can see them getting excited about it," he said. "It'll take years to have them fully integrated in the way all the teams do, because different teams are at different parts of the development cycle."

E3 2019 is less than two months away, and from the sounds of it, it's going to be a big one. For Microsoft, at least. Because without Sony there, the industry event is going to undoubtedly feel lighter and less substantial than normal.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think, or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and sound off over there. How many new games do you think Microsoft will unveil during E3?

Thanks, GameSpot.


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