This Xbox One S Bundle Comes With Three Free Bonus Games

There have been some impressive deals on Xbox One S bundles these days, with Microsoft trying to [...]

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There have been some impressive deals on Xbox One S bundles these days, with Microsoft trying to get more units in homes. But the latest one from Newegg just might take the cake, especially if you're looking to get a start with some great games.

The company is currently offering up a bundle that comes with the core 500GB Xbox One S white console, complete with a white Xbox One S controller, all the hook-ups, and a copy of the racing game Forza Horizon 3, complete with its Hot Wheels expansion, so you can race around twisted tracks and loop-de-loops like a pro.

It's priced at $279.99 right now, which isn't too shabby in its own right. However, Newegg has opted to throw in a trio of games on top of that.

First up is Titanfall 2, the 2016 first-person shooter extravaganza where you can take on opponents both on foot and inside the comfortable (yet devastating) Titan mech. It's great for both single player and multiplayer.

Next up is Mass Effect Andromeda, last year's latest entry in the ongoing sci-fi series. Though not quite up to the heights of the original Mass Effect trilogy, this game is still a lot of fun, offering hours' worth of missions and choices to make.

Finally, just in time for next week's Super Bowl, Newegg is also including a copy of Madden NFL 18, in which you can challenge players on the gridiron, either online or offline, with a number of pass and run plays.

While the deal isn't quite in the $200-$250 range, you still get a great amount of value for your money, and the fact that you already have a game collection is pretty nice to boot.

But you'd best hurry. Newegg is only offering the deal for a limited time, running through 10 PM PDT Sunday night. And keep in mind that it includes free three-day shipping, so you don't have to worry about additional costs holding you back.

Visit this link and get your hands on a system now, because this deal won't last long!

The Xbox One S is available now, along with those respective games.

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