Xbox One Update Includes Helpful Feature for Installing Games

Notes for the latest Alpha Skip-Ahead update for Xbox Insiders were revealed this week with the latest update including a helpful feature for downloading and installing games. Tracking the progress of a download is easy enough since it can be seen by using the Xbox One’s Guide feature to see how far along a game is, but the latest update is making it even easier by removing that step. Microsoft said in its notes for the Insiders update that the installation progress of a game will now be visible right from users’ home screens.

The notes for the update were shared online by Microsoft ahead of the release of the latest Alpha Skip-Ahead patch. One of the first and most notable changes highlighted was the download feature that’ll track the progress from the dashboard as well as the Guide.

“In addition to seeing the installation progress in the Guide, Alpha Skip-Ahead users will now be able to monitor the installation progress of games from the Home screen directly,” the notes for the update explained. Once the installation is complete the title will remain in the Most Recent list for easy access.”

Along with the helpful change to tracking how games are installed, the same update also included an improved social experience when using the Guide. People will now be able to see reminders after they’ve missed invites so that fewer notifications will slip by.


“We’re testing out a new experience for game and party invites in the Guide!” the notes said. “Insiders in Alpha Skip-Ahead will start seeing a new pop-up at the bottom of Guide whenever they’ve recently missed an invite, and the invites can now be found in the main notifications page when opening Guide instead of in a separate tab. You can now check all notifications in one place, but still know whether or not you’ve missed an invite as soon as you open the Guide.”

The latest Xbox Insiders update should be out now for all Alpha Skip-Ahead users. The same features included in the update should be released for all Xbox One users once the update is fully released.