Xbox One August Update Is Rolling Out, Here's What's New

Microsoft is now rolling out its August update for the Xbox One consoles to start tying together the whole Xbox experience ahead of the Holiday 2020 release of its next-gen console. We saw a preview of this update before when Microsoft showed off what the Xbox Series X interface would look like and explained that similar changes would be made to the Xbox One devices and mobile interfaces to unify the experience. Some of those changes releasing now include a new landing page and improved social features like better notification inboxes and streamlined menus for partying up and communicating with friends.

One of the most notable changes Xbox One owners will notice first is the improved landing page. As showcased in the gif below, the Guide now presents users with better options for accessing recently used parts of the Xbox experience and grants users the option to customize the Guide to their liking.

“The new Guide landing page is designed to be cleaner and easier to read at-a-glance,” Principal Program Manager of Xbox Experiences Jonathan Hildebrandt said. “The layout makes it easier to navigate between the most recent things you were doing, the Dashboard, and My Games and Apps. For those of you who want to customize the Guide, you’ll have the option to change the order of the tabs that show up. We’ve also added buttons to the bottom of the page for important utilities like notifications, search, and audio settings, making it easier to access them from wherever you are.”

A new notifications inbox has also been added in the August update that contains alerts, game invites and message notifications and works across every Xbox app. For people who party up with friends often, you can also now control the individual volumes of different members of your party so that you can turn down the volume on that one person who always has their mic way too loud.

Within the Activity Feed, users will also notice changes.


“You will notice all posts shared on Xbox are now the same size: no more guessing on how they will show up in the Community or Club pages,” Hildebrandt said. “We have made improvements in the Game, People and Community Content Blocks on Home, videoclips auto-play, reduction of metadata over posts and display of engagement counts. We have also introduced shortcuts for easier engagement with the post and for easier discovery of players and games the post relates to.”

Microsoft’s August 2020 update for the Xbox One devices is rolling out now.