Xbox One and Xbox Series X November Update Includes Several New Features

Microsoft is constantly looking for new ways to improve the user experience on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Today, the company rolled out a new update, which includes several accessibility features meant to make gaming more inclusive for as many players as possible. Xbox Series X users will also be happy to know the update includes stability fixes for three games: NBA 2K22, FIFA 22, and Battlefield 2042. System crashes for NBA 2K22 and FIFA 22 have been going on for a few months now, and Xbox has pledged to continue working with EA to improve Battlefield 2042. Xbox users can also expect to see the following features:

New color filters- Xbox has added improved filters, designed for gamers with color blindness or color vision deficiency. Altering these settings will impact everything on Xbox. This should make it easier for users to discern between specific colors, which can be incredibly important while gaming.

New accessibility tags- Xbox now allows developers to tag their games with 20 accessibility features "based on extensive user research and discussions with [Xbox's] Gaming & Disability Community." Essentially, this will make it easier for players to determine what features are available, including subtitle options, keyboard support, single stick mapping, and more. Xbox has also implemented strict guidelines for these tags. As an example, Xbox states that subtitle sizes must be a certain size in order to qualify.

Controller update- Next-gen improvements from the Xbox Series X controller have been added to the Xbox One, Adaptive Controller, and Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. These include reduced latency, and improved connectivity between multiple devices.

Those are the biggest improvements, but the system also has new audio options, the Xbox mobile app has improved link sharing, and Xbox Game Pass has been updated to make it clearer what's offered from each plan. It's clear that Xbox is looking into ways to make the experience more welcoming for all gamers, and today's update seems like a strong step in the right direction!

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