Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Calls Out the Worst PS5 and Series X Fans

When it comes to the console wars, it seems like Xbox boss Phil Spencer isn't a fan of the most diehard fans, regardless of which console manufacturer they are rooting for. As with every console launch in recent memory, the Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5 one has been heated, and it sure sounds like Spencer is basically done with anyone that actively roots for the failure of one or the other.

As part of a larger interview with Spencer by The Verge's Nilay Patel, Spencer talked about the "tribalism" in the industry among some fans when the topic turned to fans that, for example, get a new Xbox just to drive over it with their car or otherwise smash it.

"To be honest, I love the industry I'm in," Spencer told Patel. "This is the job I love. My wife will tell me it's the only job I'm qualified for, but this is definitely the job I love. But that tribalism in the industry, if there was anything that would ever drive me out of the industry, it's actually that, what you're talking about."

He goes on in the interview to talk about how he thinks the games industry has largely handled the curveballs of 2020 pretty well, regardless of which team they are on, and that really, everyone is working towards the same goal of producing something entertaining. But sometimes people take things too far in response.

"[T]here is a core that just really hates the other consumer product. Man, that's just so off-putting to me. Again, maybe that word is probably too light," Spencer continued. "To me, it's one of the worst things about our industry."


The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are both now available for $499 and $299, respectively. The PlayStation 5 is also now available for $499 (with disc drive) and $399 (digital edition). You can check out all of our previous coverage of Xbox right here.

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