Xbox Boss Teases Rumored New Peripheral

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has finally given fans a first look at a much-rumored new peripheral that should be coming about in the near future. Earlier in 2022, rumors and reports first began circling about an Xbox streaming device that was codenamed "Keystone." This accessory would allow Xbox players to experience games on various monitors without the need for a console or mobile device. And while Xbox hasn't yet formally confirmed that Keystone even exists, Spencer has now shown off the item in a rather roundabout manner. 

In a new image shared on Twitter today, Spencer unveiled what seems to be the first look at this upcoming cloud streaming device. Although Spencer's tweet in question that showed off Keystone was meant to highlight Bethesda's Fallout series, he shared an image of his shelves that prominently featured a piece of Xbox tech that hasn't been announced just yet. Based on previous mockups that have come about, it seems clear that this accessory is the Keystone hardware we've heard so much about. Spencer himself didn't call attention to the device, though, and left it as an Easter egg for fans to discover on their own. 

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time whatsoever that Spencer has shown off a new piece of Xbox hardware prior to a proper reveal. Back in 2020, Spencer hid an Xbox Series S console on a shelf behind him that was featured in multiple live streams months in advance of the platform being announced. As such, this tease of Keystone was clearly quite intentional and was meant to get Xbox fans excited for the formal reveal of the accessory in the future. 

Speaking of reveals, though, we don't yet know when Xbox might opt to give us a deeper look at Keystone. Considering that Spencer himself is now showing the item off, it seems likely that a reveal will be happening sooner rather than later. Whenever this becomes official, we'll be sure to share more information with you here on

Are you interested in seeing more of this Xbox Keystone peripheral in action once it's announced? And what do you think about Spencer continuing to tease new Xbox items in this manner? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.