Report: Xbox Brand Is More Valuable Than PlayStation and Nintendo

According to a new report, the Xbox brand is more valuable than both the PlayStation and Nintendo brands. More specifically, a new report out of WPP's research arm Kantar, BrandZ rankings, reveals that Xbox ranks within the top 100 global brands, while PlayStation and Nintendo fail to crack the list. According the report, the list, which has been complied every year for 13 years, is calculated by the value that a brand contributes to any given business. To figure this out, the report combines both market data and financial data, as well as consumer surveys from consumers around the world. In other words, it's not a perfect report, but none are.

Again, oddly enough PlayStation and Nintendo don't make the cut, but Xbox comes in at number 87, and it's the only gaming brand that makes the list, though other companies involved in the gaming industry, like Tencent and Google, are represented.

It's unclear how Xbox, which seems to be lagging behind PlayStation and Nintendo in most respects, made the list while the others didn't. Unfortunately, the report doesn't go into the finer details, leaving us with nothing more than speculation. From the outside looking in, you'd assume PlayStation would be the most valuable gaming brand, followed by Xbox, but perhaps BrandZ's report has access to information we don't.

As you will know, on the back of the PlayStation 4, PlayStation has been having its greatest financial success ever, meanwhile Nintendo is doing quite well for itself with the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, this current console generation hasn't been very kind to Xbox, but maybe all of its licensing of different tech and services is helping make up for that and then some. Or maybe it's all because of Minecraft, which remains one of the biggest games in the world. After all, PlayStation and Nintendo don't really have any games that come even close to Minecraft.


Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two with your thoughts. Does this report surprise you? Do you think as a brand Xbox is more valuable than PlayStation and Nintendo?

Source: Financial Times