Xbox Cheekily Responds to PlayStation Classic Reveal

Earlier today, Sony revealed that they are taking a nostalgic cue from Nintendo with the PlayStation Classic coming this December. Though only five titles were announced so far with a promise of more on the way, gamers weren't the only ones that had something to say about the big announcement. In fact, the Xbox team had a few cheeky words to add as well.

The Backwards Compatibility program for Xbox One has been around for quite some time now with over 500 Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles available for fans to revisit. For those that already own these games, the service is totally free, and the team over at Microsoft couldn't help but to jest at Sony's expense for their attempt to reclaim nostalgia despite their anti-backwards (free) compatibility stance this generation:

People were here for the shade, especially since so many weren't happy about the price point Sony has set the Classic Edition for:

To be fair, there are many excited for the nostalgic blast from the past and many gamers have already been putting their favourite PS1 titles in the hat for potential reveals before the Classic Edition launches this December.


Though there are more games on the way, we do have our first look at five of the titles confirmed thus far. Whether you're a racing fan, or looking to face off against Sephiroth once more in Final Fantasy VII, you can check out the confirmed games for the miniature system right here.

The PlayStation Classic arrives on December 3rd for $99.99.