Rumor: New Xbox Scarlett Details And Specs Revealed

Some new details on the next Xbox, codenamed Xbox Scarlett, have potentially surfaced via [...]

Some new details on the next Xbox, codenamed Xbox Scarlett, have potentially surfaced via Thurott's Brad Sams, who has a history of leaking official Xbox information ahead of time.

According to Sams, Microsoft is still aiming to release the console during 2020, which has been rumored to be the case, and is when Sony is apparently shipping the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, Sams doesn't disclose when Microsoft will unveil the system, but you would presume it would be sometime in 2019 or possibly early 2020.

Meanwhile, in addition to reinforcing the reports that Microsoft is gearing up to ship a disc-less Xbox One next year, Sams also reinforces the reports that in addition to a traditional console release, Xbox Scarlett will offer a streaming-only alternative for a considerably lower price. With this, players won't physically own a piece of plastic with computer parts smooshed inside, but rather will have access to a streaming platform that allows them to stream Xbox Scarlett games they acquire.

Sams also mentions something called "digital attach," which will be a new way to purchase hardware from the company. With it, when you decide to buy an Xbox Scarlett, you will be able to customize the purchasing options. In other words, you could order it with two years of Xbox Live and Game Pass already in the system so that it's ready to go once you get it.

As for the innards of the system, Sams claims it will be based on AMD's Zen 2 tech, which isn't very surprising, especially when you consider AMD's long history of working with Xbox. Further, the system will utilize AMD's next-gen GPU tech, which has yet to be revealed.

Sams also notes that internally the aim is to deliver a console that provides 4K at 60 FPS, which current systems can deliver, but it's more the exception than the rule at the moment.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt because it's unsubstantiated. This is by no means an official confirmation of anything, and shouldn't be taken to the bank as such. That said, as mentioned above, Sams has somewhat of a history of leaking Xbox-related stuff, so it's possible he's on the money with some, if not all, of this.

Source: Brad Sams