Microsoft Reveals Glorious Xbox Series S Suitcase

With its compact size and all-digital library, the Xbox Series S seems like a great console to [...]

With its compact size and all-digital library, the Xbox Series S seems like a great console to take on the go. Those that enjoy bringing their consoles on vacation might be interested in the new Xbox Series S suitcase! The limited-edition suitcase from July features a design inspired by the console, featuring a gorgeous white design and an interior that perfectly fits the system, a controller, and a screen. It's a great design, but there's a little catch: it's currently only available as a contest prize from Xbox Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully, it ends up getting a wider release!

Images of the Xbox Series S suitcase can be found in the Tweets embedded below.

The contest is being offered as part of a promotion for Microsoft Flight Simulator. While the title debuted on PC last year, the game released on Xbox Series X|S earlier today, marking the first time that the series has ever been available on console. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the game's release, and it's even available on Xbox Game Pass, which could encourage players to give it a chance that wouldn't be interested otherwise. The game offers players the chance to fly around the world without leaving their home, but for those planning a trip or two, the Xbox Series S suitcase seems like the perfect option.

Microsoft seems to be having a lot of fun with its Xbox designs this console generation! The Xbox Series S suitcase follows the Xbox Series X mini fridge. The latter item also began life as a promotional item, but Microsoft will be offering it for sale later this year following strong demand. If there's similar demand for the Xbox Series S suitcase, it seems equally possible that it could see a wider release beyond this contest. For now, Xbox fans will just have to eye this contest with a bit of jealousy and hope that we get some kind of announcement!

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