Xbox Series S Consoles Getting Big Upgrade

Microsoft has revealed that it's making a big upgrade to Xbox Series S consoles moving forward. Currently, Microsoft has two next-gen Xbox consoles available with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And while the Series S model has less power when compared to the Series X, Microsoft is looking to improve the hardware in a notable way so that developers can more easily create games for the platform. 

Spotted by The Verge, Microsoft has revealed that it's pushing out a new Xbox development kit for developers that will clear more memory on the console. In doing so, this will allow studios to be able to improve performance on Xbox Series S platforms in addition to being able to better optimize games for the hardware. It remains to be seen just how big of a deal this might be moving forward, but the fact that Microsoft has found a way to improve the console for developers in a general sense is something that numerous studios will without a doubt appreciate. 

Since this new generation of Xbox consoles began, one of the biggest concerns from fans has been that the lessened power that the Xbox Series S offers will only hamper studios as time goes on when it comes to the games that can be made. And while we haven't really seen this prove to be true just yet (primarily because most titles are still being made for Xbox One), the point still remains that it may be difficult to optimize projects for both Xbox Series X and S in the future. Luckily, if the Series S continues to receive upgrades like this over time to make it an even better piece of hardware, then those concerns should definitely diminish just a bit. 


Does this new improvement to the Xbox Series S make you more optimistic about the console moving forward? And do you happen to own an Xbox Series S, or have you instead purchased the higher-end Series X model instead? Let me know either down in the comments or you can hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.