Xbox Series X Controller Reveals New D-Pad

Today, Microsoft pulled back the curtain on the new controller that will be packed-in with the Xbox Series X. The new controller remains mostly unchanged from the one Xbox One fans are already familiar with, but it does feature a small handful of alterations meant to improve quality of life. These include a new "Share" button, improved ergonomics, faster response time, and more. However, one of the more intriguing new additions to the controller is its new D-pad. While the Xbox Elite controller allows players to switch out two different versions of the D-pad, the new controller features a single option.

The reason that the Xbox Series X controller does not feature swappable D-pads is because it implements a hybrid design, instead. The new D-pad is meant to accommodate both games that require firm directional inputs, and those that require greater accuracy for diagonal moves.

According to Microsoft, the team learned quite a bit from the Elite controller's design, and that played a role in how they developed the new D-pad. Of course, that can be seen just from the design, which truly looks like an amalgam of the two options available to Elite controller users.

It will be interesting to see how gamers respond to the new D-pad. Many players can be quite particular when it comes to D-pads, especially those who enjoy fighting games. It's likely that those gamers won't have a strong opinion one way or another until the Xbox Series X releases, and the new controller is in-hand. Of course, it probably won't lead to too much controversy among the hardcore crowd. After all, Xbox Series X will still be compatible with current Xbox One controllers, including the Elite. So, if players find that they don't enjoy the new design, they can always switch back, or order from the many customizable controller designs offered through the Microsoft store. However, if it does work, it just might end up being the most exciting new D-pad option in quite some time.


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