Xbox Series X Has Unexpectedly Convenient Feature

Quick Resume is a very exciting feature for those planning to buy an Xbox Series X, but it seems that the option might be more convenient than some might have assumed. Alanah Pearce is one of the gaming journalists that had the opportunity to go hands on with the Xbox Series X, and she found that Quick Resume even works if the console has been completely unplugged. For those that only have short bursts of time for gaming, Quick Resume seems like it will be incredibly helpful, and this option makes it all the more appealing! Pearce's original Tweet can be found embedded below.

While other consoles have offered similar features, Quick Resume on Xbox Series X could be a very big deal for the console. Rather than suspending a single game, players will be able to suspend multiple games. As Pearce notes in the initial Tweet, most gamers aren't going to switch between multiple games in a single day, but it's easy to see how some will switch between multiple in one week. Combined with the system's incredibly fast load times, players will be able to swap between multiple games quickly and easily.

The gaming media has gotten to spend time with the Xbox Series X hardware, but the software is a different story. That means that journalists like Pearce have only been able to sample Quick Resume with software that's backwards compatible. Backwards compatibility is also a big draw for Xbox this year, as Microsoft is touting the fact that the system will have the biggest launch line-up ever. For newcomers to the Xbox brand, that could be a big selling point, and with Quick Resume, players will be able to enjoy those older titles with an added benefit that simply wasn't possible on older hardware.

It remains to be seen how gamers will embrace features like Quick Resume, but the convenience of having multiple save states and not having to worry about a power outage or any other potential hiccups seems quite exciting.

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