Xbox Series X Fans Think Fable 4 Will Be Announced Next Week

Xbox Series X fans are convinced that Microsoft and Playground Games are going to announce Fable 4 -- or whatever the new Fable winds up being called -- next week or, more specifically, this coming Monday. There's been rumors floating around for a couple years suggesting that a new Fable game is in development for Xbox Series X over at Playrgound Games new team, however, so far nothing has come of these rumors, but it looks like that may -- emphasis on may -- change soon.

So, why do Xbox Series X fans think this? Well, it's a classic case of connecting the dots, or at least that's how the theory is being positioned. For one, IGN has revealed it has some "very exciting" Xbox-related information dropping on Monday. Meanwhile, industry insider Shinobi602 recently teased that fans won't have to wait much longer for Xbox Series X game reveals. Included in this tease was mentioned of "big fantasy worlds," "reboots," and "big sci-fi." Of course, these are incredibly vague teasers, but many Xbox fans have taken "big fantasy worlds" as a hint at Fable 4. Further, they've combined it with the aforementioned IGN teaser to conclude that a new Fable will be revealed this Monday. Of course, this is a stretch, but I'd be lying if I said crazier things haven't happened.

All of this is to say, take this speculation with a grain of salt, because that's all it is: speculation. There's almost certainly a new Fable in development, but who knows when it will be revealed. That said, if it's an Xbox Series X launch game, or even an Xbox Series X game releasing in the next year or so, there's a good chance it will be revealed sooner rather than later.


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H/T, Reddit.

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