Xbox Reveals New Next-Gen Accessories Details

Microsoft shared new insights into its compatibility plans for the Xbox Series X on Wednesday to address a topic that’ll apply to many Xbox One owners looking to upgrade to the next-gen device: Third-party accessories. It’s been said many times before that the Xbox One controller can be used with the Xbox Series X and that the Xbox Series X controller can be used with the Xbox One, but that compatibility feature only applied to Microsoft’s own official devices. We now know that many of the devices people have grown used to using on their current console will also work with the next-gen device, and if you’re unsure, a badge on the products will let you know what works and what doesn’t.

The new “Designed for Xbox” post on the Xbox Wire said Microsoft’s currently working with its partners to make sure as many products as possible are able to make the jump to the next generation. If you’ve got an officially licensed Xbox One accessory that connects to the Xbox One through either a wireless or USB connection, it’ll work with the new console.

Depending on what kinds of devices you have, some of them may need updates when the new console comes out to ensure they keep working. Some of Microsoft’s products like Xbox controller charging stations will also be sold in a new way with extra components included.

“Some gaming headsets that utilize an optical cable may require a firmware update to support game and chat audio over USB on Xbox Series X Soundbars and headsets that do not receive updates may be connected directly to your televisions optical port,” Designed for Xbox Senior Program Manager Alex Nunn said in the Xbox Wire post. “Starting this holiday, many Designed for Xbox controller charging solutions will also include a second battery door to fit both the new and existing Xbox Wireless Controllers.”


If there’s any question about what works and what doesn’t, a big green badge appearing on the packaging of third-party devices soon will let you know what’s compatible across generations. It’s hard to miss, though not as hard to miss as the “Optimized for Xbox Series X” badge previously seen on Xbox Series X box art, and it’s accompanied by a list of platforms the devices are compatible with.

Microsoft added that it’s partnering with more companies to create different accessories for Xbox users. Honeycomb Aeronautical, a company that specializes in flight simulator hardware, and OtterBox, the company best known for its sturdy phone cases, were some of the new partners mentioned.