Xbox Series X and S Consoles Will Finally Be Available to Pick Up at Target Stores

Up until this point, most next-gen consoles have only been available to purchase from storefronts in an online manner. With stock of both the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 being so limited, many chains have just opted to sell the units that they do have on hand via the internet. When it comes to retail storefront Target, however, it sounds like it will soon be doing things a bit differently, at least in regard to Xbox consoles.

Shared via @Wario64 on Twitter, Target is finally planning to allow potential Xbox Series X and S purchasers to pick up their next-gen consoles in-store rather than waiting for them to be shipped out. This initiative is one that is set to begin tomorrow on Tuesday, May 18. And while stock may vary from store to store, this process will finally keep customers from having to wait for a simultaneous drop for at all locations nationwide.

Even though this is a good sign that stock is finally increasing for Xbox Series X and S consoles, this still isn't a situation where you should expect to see the next-gen hardware sitting on store shelves. To buy one of these platforms for yourself, you'll still have to visit Target's website to complete the purchase. The only difference is that instead of having to punch in your address for delivery, you'll now be able to select the pick-up option at your local store, again, assuming that the consoles are available.

As for when this same process might be happening for PS5 consoles, Target still hasn't said. For now, the only way in which the PS5 will be able to be bought at the storefront is online whenever a restock occurs.

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