Xbox Series X Update for May Improves Quick Resume and Xbox Game Pass

The team at Xbox has today released a new console update for the month of May for Xbox Series X, [...]

The team at Xbox has today released a new console update for the month of May for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One platforms. Although the update doesn't drastically change how any of the Xbox consoles will operate, it is filled to the brim with quality of life improvements, especially for those on next-gen hardware.

Perhaps the most notable inclusion in this May Xbox update comes in the form of upgrades to Quick Resume. This feature, which is solely available on Xbox Series X and S, allows users to quickly swap between multiple titles that they may have running simultaneously. This update for May simply allows Quick Resume to run better than it has before while also including new tags to help better identify which games are compatible with the feature.

As for the other notable changes this month, Microsoft has also slightly improved Xbox Game Pass. Even though the service itself isn't receiving any major overhauls, Xbox has made it easier to view trailers for certain titles that might be included in the subscription platform. This will better allow players to get an idea of what a certain game might look like and will allow them to deduce if it's something they would be interested in playing.

Lastly, a number of other smaller tweaks have also been included in this new console patch. Some of the alterations include audio passthrough for various media apps, new options when it comes to parental controls, and new themes that users can use for their console background. All in all, this is another solid update for all Xbox platforms and should only continue to make the experience on each respective platform that much better over time.

Again, this May update should be live now for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles right now. If you'd like to find the full list of changes that you can expect in this patch, you can read more right here.