Xbox Series X UI Reportedly Only Runs at 1080p

While the Xbox Series X will feature 4K resolution, it appears that the system's user interface will be 1080p. That reporting comes from John Linneman, of Eurogamer and Digital Foundry. On Twitter, Linneman noted his disappointment with the appearance of the UI, stating that he was unhappy with it on Xbox One X, and that it's unacceptable to see it on Xbox Series X, as well. It's unclear whether or not this will be true for the final version of the Xbox Series X, or if this is simply true of the preview build. Linneman's Tweet can be found embedded below.

It should be noted that the preview build for the Xbox Series X did have some features that were not enabled when it arrived in the hands of gaming journalists. Notably, backwards compatibility did not work for major first-party games, and there were some crashes, as well. Clearly, Microsoft is still working on the system, and some elements have not been finalized. It's possible that the UI's resolution will be changed before the Xbox Series X arrives next month.

The UI for the Xbox One was updated earlier in the week, and it will be the same UI that appears on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. As such, Xbox fans have the opportunity to see how things will look when they boot up the Xbox Series X when it releases next month. Of course, if the Xbox Series X's UI really doesn't allow for 4K resolution, it truly will look identical across all three platforms!

It will be interesting to see how Xbox fans will feel about the UI if it does not support 4K resolution. At the end of the day, games on the system will support 4K, and the UI's importance is fairly minimal. However, those that are looking for a truly stunning experience right from the start-up screen might be a little disappointed.


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