Xbox Support Goes Full-On 'Fortnite'

In a world of colorful onesies, Boogie Bombs, and Fornitemares, it's no wonder that Epic Games' Fortnite is seemingly everywhere nowadays. Apparently even the team over at Xbox Support can't get enough of the Battle Royale experience.

At least, that seems to be the case if the below tweet is anything to go by:

The building-savvy game has its fair share of records beat as the Battle Royale title continues to secure its place in mainstream media. Still, the above Xbox Support tweet was too perfect, and will be especially funny for those familiar with the game and how it works.

The tweet reads as follows: "Looks like our sign-in services might've gotten double-ramp double-wall rushed into submission. Luckily, our engineers are build-gods and are working to get the high ground on these noobs. Please bear with us as we try and get this dub. (Like if you miss double-pump)."

It literally sounds like almost every comment on a Fortnite thread on Twitter everywhere. The only thing they are missing is "Sub for a chance to win free V-bucks" and "Fix your servers!"

Xbox players had very mixed reactions to the tweet, and honestly? It's just freaking hilarious:


Hopefully the server issues are resolved, but even if it's still a work in progress, we've got these delicious memes to tide us over until everything is back in working order. But no, Xbox, no likes for the double-pump.

As for the game that inspired this reaction, Fortnite is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and select Android devices. The Halloween event is also live now with Fortnitemares offering players a chance to earn some sweet Halloween-themed loot in-game.