Yakuza: Like a Dragon: How to Find the Secret Shops

Yakuza: Like a Dragon has no shortage of shops for players to visit whether it’s food, quest items, or weapons they need, but some of the shops you’ll find are a bit more under-the-table than others. To get to those hidden shops, you’ll need a special ability and will have to know where to look, but once you’re able to find them, you can buy some unique items you won’t find in any other shops, some of which are essential for completing different quests in challenges.

We’ve found a total of three different shops so far in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. There could be more we haven’t found yet, but the ones we have located have proved useful so far. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the shops including details on the ability needed to get to them.

How to Break Down Barriers to Find Secret Shops

These secret shops aren’t just hard to find because they’re in obscure locations. They’re also guarded by barriers that players have to knock down first, and in order to do that, you need to teach Ichiban Kasuga a move that allows him to bust through.

In order to do that, you’ll have to wait until Chapter 5 when you can visit Hello Work and change your team members’ Jobs. Swap Ichiban’s Job to “Foreman” and you’ll learn an exploration ability that’ll let you demolish barriers. You can swap back to whatever Job you want afterwards and you’ll retain the ability.

Secret Shop: Fumie

Yakuza Like a Dragon Fumie
(Photo: Sega)

Now that you can break down barriers, head to the Commercial District to locate your first secret shop. We’ve marked the location on the map above to show you exactly where you need to go. Look for the red and blue signs above different doorways. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you find a door barricaded by wooden boards and caution tape.

After you’ve found the door, use your demolish ability to bust through. A shopkeeper is waiting behind the entrance to sell you some questionable goods, but they’ll actually be some of the most useful ones you can find for leveling up quickly. Some of them boost the XP characters get from different jobs, and you can also buy the rare Golden Keys here.

Secret Shop: Black Market Merchant

Yakuza Like a Dragon Black Market Merchant
(Photo: Sega)

This second secret shop is right next to a different shop that can’t be accessed right away when you find it, so be sure not to confuse the two. If you’ve progressed far enough in the story to visit a certain gang leader’s restaurant, you’ll have a better idea of where you’re heading.

To find this shop, head to the Isezaki Road district and go near the intersection of Restaurant Row and Ijin Street. Near the arms dealer already located on your map, there’s an alleyway leading between buildings. Head down their and up the narrow staircase along the wall. Before heading down the other staircase in the area you’re now in, look for the same boarded up door in a small building attached to a larger one. Inside is another shopkeeper who will sell you Golden Keys and other items you may need to complete quests later.

Secret Shop: Mangekyo

Yakuza Like a Dragon Mangekyo
(Photo: Sega)

The final secret shop we’ve found is located over in the Bar District. It’s probably the weakest of the three in terms of what’s sold there, but it’s worth visiting anyway depending on what your playstyle and priorities call for.

To find this last shop, head to the Bar District and look for a staircase leading up to a line of buildings northwest from Survive Bar. At the northernmost part of the strip of buildings, there’s a boarded-up door. Break it down to find the final shopkeeper waiting for you inside.