'The Legend of Zelda' Hooded Scarf Has Pointy Ears Built-In


This Legend of Zelda Link scarf features a pointy hood and Hylian elf-like ears built-in. All other scarves are dead to us now.

The scarf is brand-spanking new, and available to pre-order here with the first wave of shipments slated for February. Quantities appear to be limited, so you should jump on it as soon as you can - unless you prefer the earmuff version, which is currently on sale. There's also an awesomely pointy Link beanie hat for those of you who are willing to forgo the ears. Again, stock appears to be limited on those, so act quickly.

Once you have secured the proper headgear, a whole world of additional options are open for you to take your Legend of Zelda winter wardrobe into full-on cosplay territory. This includes classic and Breath of the Wild cosplay hoodies, windbreakers, biker jackets, plush bathrobes, and even Master Sword umbrellas. You can find these items and a whole lot more right here.


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