Zelda Fans Create Incredible Ocarina of Time Remake in Unreal Engine

First released back in 1998, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has earned a reputation as one of the greatest games ever made. Since then, the beloved Nintendo 64 game has appeared on a number of different platforms, and a 3DS version released in 2011 gave the game some minor graphic improvements. However, Ocarina of Time is getting some much bigger improvements thanks to the efforts of YouTuber CryZENx. CryZENx is currently working on a remake of the game using Unreal Engine alongside a number of other Zelda fans. It seems like a major undertaking, and it looks quite good so far!

A video of the fan remake can be found embedded below.

In the video, we can see familiar characters and elements from the original game, but with improvements like dynamic fog and water. While the video does show a number of recreations from the N64 original, it also showcases some things that were not present in that game, including four-player co-op. CryZENx has even added Sora from Kingdom Hearts as a playable character! So far, the project is only partially completed, but it is playable for those interested in seeing what the team has accomplished. 

It's really interesting to see the impact Ocarina of Time continues to have after all these years! The game marked a massive change for the Zelda franchise, moving it from the realm of 2D into 3D. While many Zelda fans prefer entries like Majora's Mask or Breath of the Wild, neither of those games would have been possible without Ocarina of Time being made first. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo ever decides to release an official remake of Ocarina of Time beyond the ports that have been seen so far. Until then, Zelda fans will have to settle for fan remakes, or the original game, which is currently available as part of Nintendo Switch Online's Expansion Pack.

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[H/T: Gaming Bible]