ThunderCats Ultimates Figures Bring Back the Classics


Mattel's 7-inch Thundercats Classics line arrived with much fanfare back in 2015, but the line ended prematurely when Matty Collector was shut down a year later. However, Super7 swooped in and grabbed the license (along with Masters of the Universe), and now they're picking up where Mattel left off. The ThunderCats Classics line will continue under the Ultimates brand, and Super7 is starting (mostly) from scratch with four core figures. We say "mostly" because these new figures include upgraded accessories.

The first wave of the Super7's Thundercats Ultimates lineup features Lion-O, Panthro, Mumm-Ra, and Jackalman. Each of these figures can be pre-ordered right here for $44.99 with shipping slated for June. Additional figure in the lineup should arrive in the near future.


As noted, Super7 picked up the ThunderCats and the MOTU license from Mattel. One of their recent MOTU releases is this supermassive Snake Mountain Playset.

Super7 cut off pre-orders back in May, but you can still reserve one right here at Entertainment Earth where it runs for the standard $599.99 (plus hefty shipping costs) with a release date slated for January. Yes, that's stupid expensive, but wait until you see the aftermarket prices on this once they sell out.


The Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Mountain Playset measures a whopping 36-inches high and 48-inches wide when opened. Features include: "demon with moveable jaw, narrow bridge of red hot lava falls, functioning trap door, real chains to shackle Skeletor's enemies, break-away wall secret entrance, Skeletor's table and bone throne, and Horrifying dungeon creatures."

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