Funko Keeps Going With the Energizer Bunny Ad Icons Pop Figure


Funko's popular line of Ad Icons Pop figures keeps going and going with the Energizer Bunny. Didn't see this one coming if we're honest, but it is pretty adorable. Plus, it doesn't need batteries!

If you want to add the Energizer Bunny to your Funko Pop figure collection, it's available to pre-order right here with shipping slated for November. The Pop follows hot on the heels of another big Ad Icons release...


Earlier this week, Funko's Ad Icons Pop figure series got one of its most iconic and adorable additions to date - Coca-Cola's beloved Polar Bear! It's been nearly 26 years since the first polar bear commercial "Northern Lights" aired in 1993 and became a huge hit thanks to a simple theme and not-so-simple computer animation. However, Coca-Cola's use of polar bears in advertising is much older than the commercials. In fact, it goes all the way back to 1922.

Still, the holiday commercials are what catapulted Coca-Cola's polar bears to icon status. The CGI for the original was pretty mindblowing for its time and still holds up well today. For those who are old enough, watching it now will churn up all kinds of holiday memories. That having been said, if you would like to add one of the Coca-Cola Polar Bear Pop figures to your collection (or to a stocking) this year, you can pre-order one right here with shipping slated for November.


In other Funko news, Funko and Entertainment Earth launched this graffiti splattered Jokerized Batman exclusive Pop yesterday, and it was still available to order right here at the time of writing with shipping slated for January.


If you don't have Funko's other Batman Joker figures, you can still get the SDCC exclusive Suicide Squad Funko Pop on eBay here and the Loot Crate exclusive Pop on eBay here. The Batman v Superman exclusive figure upon which the new Funko Pop is based can also be ordered on eBay here.

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