Amazon Prime Day 2020 Board Game Deals Are On

If you were hoping that Amazon would put up some big board game deals for Prime Day 2020, then you won't be disappointed. Hundreds of board games and card games have been heavily discounted - and there are some surprises. You'll find games for adults, games for kids, classic games, new games, party games and more.

A breakdown of the best Prime Day 2020 board game deals on Amazon can be found below. Some are part of dedicated Prime Day board game deal collections while others have extremely rare discounts. Some are even on sale for the first time.

Standalone Board Game Deals


The following games are standouts that have rare and / or exceptional discounts. We are particularly excited about Betrayal at House on the Hill and Hocus Pocus with Halloween just around the corner.

Showcase Prime Day Board Game Deals


Amazon's current showcase Prime Day deal on board games and card games includes dozens of go-to Exploding Kittens, Pandemic (the game for our times), Connect 4, Ticket to Ride, and more. This is where you'll find the classic Hasbro games and party games that Amazon loves to put on sale for events like Prime Day. You can shop that sale right here.


However, there are a lot more Prime Day board game deals where that came from. Additional board game deals can be found with a Prime Day search right here. Card games can be found here.

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