Amazon Prime Day Video Game Deals: PS4, PS5 Game Deals We Expect For 2020

Amazon Prime Day is nearly here, and with that comes a whole bevy of potential video game deals. If you're just looking for a primer on how to find good deals, we've got you covered, but if you are more specifically interested in where to look for video games and video gaming-related stuff, that's what this post here is for. As a general reminder, Amazon Prime Day is officially set to begin tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13th, at 12AM PT/3AM ET and will run until 11:59PM PT/2:59AM ET on Wednesday the 14th.

Broadly speaking, there are essentially two different deals pages you will want to concern yourself with: the general Prime Day deals and the more specific video game deals pages. The former will get you all of the stuff Amazon has available as a deal while the latter will only include video games-related options. Additionally, it is wise to keep an eye on other retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and more as they often match these deals or try to host their own. (Just to get it out of the way: don't expect any PlayStation 5 pre-orders to be included in any of these deals.)

PS4/PS5 Video Game Deals

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Of all the possible deals on Amazon Prime Day, the video games themselves always see the highest discounts. The real question is whether any of the PlayStation 4 titles set to receive free upgrades to the PlayStation 5 will be included. There's the possibility that recently released titles, specifically like The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima could see their first big discounts, but it remains to be seen.

That said, don't expect to find a bunch of pre-order discounts on PlayStation 5 launch titles or any of those near launch. It's possible that third-party publishers like Ubisoft or SEGA could discount titles like Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but even that seems like an odd value proposition with hype so high already.

Prime Day PS4/PS5 Gaming Accessory Deals

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The reality here is that you're likely looking at discounts for the PlayStation 4 controller, the DualShock 4, and various headsets and the like, but most likely? The DualSense PS5 controller and other PS5 accessories almost certainly will not be part of the Amazon Prime Day deals. If nothing else, however, there are some PS5-compatible accessories that may or may not show up.

PlayStation VR Prime Day Deals


There is a possibility that the PlayStation VR bundles -- like the one that includes Marvel's Iron Man VR -- could be heavily discounted during Prime Day. After all, with the new console releasing just next month, it would make sense if the various retailers are interested in moving as much stock as possible before those funds are tied up elsewhere.

PlayStation Plus Deals on Prime Day

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There is some expectation that a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus will be discounted from its normal $59.99 price to somewhere around $40. Given that PlayStation Plus is a requirement for multiplayer, and the company offers free video games to subscribers every single month, $40 is practically a steal if it's something you need.


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