This Toy is a Total Dumpster Fire


If there's one toy that perfectly represents the times that we live in, it's the Lil' Dumpster Fire vinyl from 100% Soft. It's the nightmare of your existence wrapped in an adorable, collectible package! Put it on your desk and gaze upon it as the world burns down around you. Somehow, it makes everything easier to accept.

That having been said, if you don't want to add missing the Dumpster Fire toy to your long list of troubles, pre-order one right here for $22 while you have the chance (orders ship in February). Previous resin releases of this toy were a lot more expensive and still sold out in a hot second, as did the first run that 100% Soft earmarked for themselves on the new vinyl version. In other words, a sell out on this pre-order is inevitable (they may be restocked down the line). As always you can always grab one here on eBay if you're willing to pay the premium.


Speaking of popular vinyl toys, you can still find the standard Baby Yoda Funko Pop figure here at Walmart and here on Amazon with shipping slated for May. A 10-inch super-sized version can be found here at Walmart and here at Amazon. Both Pops are currently discounted.

Best Buy is also running a deal on the 11-inch Baby Yoda plush that drops the price down to only $18.74 (25% off). Jump on that deal while you can because it's another thing that won't last long.


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