FaZE Clan Teams With Zuru For Gaming-Themed Blasters

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Zuru has teamed with eSports giant FaZE Clan to deliver a line of "blasters" themed after fist-person shooter games. The blasters, which carry a high capacity of ammunition, shoot small, foam balls (called "round darts" in the marketing materials) with the kind of accuracy you don't usually see out of a product aimed at kids, or one this inexpensive. The blasters are available now at Target, and Zuru hooked us up with a couple to test drive. The standard, handheld blaster -- about the size of Han Solo's from Star Wars -- is called "Respawn" while the giant, pump-action monster is called "Ragequit."

They also come with numerous stickers in "FaZE Clan red" to customize the otherwise translucent weapons with. You can check out some images below.

"What better fun than to combine the performance, quality and value of X-Shot with the force of FaZE Clan," said Nick Mowbray, Chief Executive Officer, Zuru Toys. "The two go hand-in-hand, and we're so excited influential FaZE Clan gamers will showcase the new blasters across their social platforms."

As suggested, the FaZE Clan blastars are part of Zuru's existing X-Shot line, with the Respawn blaster sharing a design similar to their Water Warfare blaster. The Ragequit has a design that appears totally unique to the FaZE Clan line, though, and its pump-action reload plays up the first person shooter aesthetic the line is going for.

Granted, it's hard to beat the presentation that our kit -- reminiscent of a giant, X-Shot-branded version of the Pulp Fiction briefcase -- had to offer, but the products themselves deliver on what they promise: they're fast to reload, accurate, and fun to terrorize neighborhood children with...not that I'd know anything about that.


Each blaster has essentially two magazines: their initial firing capacity, and a backup that you can spring load into the barrel to replace what you've fired. If it takes you more shots than that, you can buy replacement darts in a 50-pack from Target, but also it might suggest you want to work on your aim.

The trigger action is pretty sensitive -- you don't need to pull very hard -- so there's also a trigger lock on each, to ensure you aren't accidentally shooting darts into the ground while you move.

Here's how Zuru describes the blasters, which you can get online or in-store at Target now:

Priced at $14.99, the X-Shot FaZe Respawn loads through a slide primer mechanism with a 6-round foam dart capacity, bundled with 12 round foam darts total.

The X-Shot FaZe Ragequit, priced at $24.99, features a front primer handle, loading a 14-round dart capacity, packaged with a total of 24 round foam darts. Perfect foam-blaster fun, the X-Shot FaZe Clan fires at 100 feet per second.