Funko's ECCC 2020 and Virtual Con Amazon Pop Figure Exclusives Drop Tonight


Emerald City Comic Con 2020 may have been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the Funko Pop figure exclusives from the show are still going live today March 12th through tomorrow, March 13th. Details on all of the Pop figure releases can be found right here, but we're highlighting what's coming from Amazon below.

First off, keep in mind that all of the Funko Pop figures that would have been sold at the show will now be sold here at the Funko Shop as part of their first Virtual Con starting at 10am EST (7am PST) on March 13th. This includes convention exclusives and the con-only shared exclusives. In most cases, the retailer versions of those shared exclusives (the only difference is the sticker on the box) will go live right around midnight EST (9pm PST) tonight March 12-13. This includes the following Pop figures from Amazon - though they have been known to drop their Pop figures early (UPDATE: The Pop figures are live via the links below):

ORIGINAL: Look for the three exclusive Pop figures above to go live here (or here) on Amazon right around midnight EST. Again, keep in mind that Amazon often jumps the gun with their Pop figure releases, so you might be able to find them early. Keep tabs on those links and our ECCC 2020 / Virtual Con Pop figure master list for updates.


The Dragon Ball Z Vegeta noodles Pop figure follows the Goku eating noodles Pop figure which was also an Amazon exclusive. That figure has sold out, but you can still find it here via Amazon's marketplace. The Vegeta Pop figure will be just as popular, so jump on it while you can. Note that a Dragon Ball Z Perfect Cell glow-in-the-dark Pop figure ECCC exclusive will be arriving here at Hot Topic and a Chrome Green Piccolo here at FYE tonight (most likely around midnight EST).


The Pokemon Bulbasaur Pop figure will be one of two flocked Pokemon Pop variant exclusives released during the Virtual Con event. The other will be Charmander, and you should be able to find it here at Walmart shortly after midnight.

Finally, the Sleeping Beauty Fauna/ Flora/ Merryweather 3-Pack should be a huge hit with collectors and Disney fans. These Disney 3-Packs have become something of an ECCC Amazon Pop figure tradition. In fact, you can still get The Lion King Hyenas 3-Pack from last year here on Amazon.

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