Funko Kicks off a Retro Toy Pop Figure Line With Hasbro and Barbie


Funko picked a random Friday in July to launch an exciting line of Pop figures based on classic retro toys like Mattel's Barbie dolls and Hasbro's Stretch Armstrong, Mr. Potato Head, and G.I. Joe figures. What's more, the first waves are up for pre-order now. Here's the breakdown:


Note that the Retro Toys lineup also includes a wave of Hasbro Mystery Minis (pictured below) that include additional G.I. Joe characters like Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander along with additional Mr. Potato Head figures, My Pet Monster, and more. You can grab those here on Amazon for $7.99 each. A handful of exclusives (including Mr. Monopoly) will b available here at Target soon. Odds are we'll be seeing full-fledged Pop versions sometime in the near future.


That having been said, the addition of the Retro Toy lineup seems like a no-brainer for Funko. There are so many retro toys that they could Popify - we're very excited about where this lineup could go.

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