KFC Chicken-Scented Crocs Launch Today: Here's How to Get a Pair

Crocs fans love their ugly but fun and comfortable footwear with a passion. Kentucky Fried Chicken [...]


Crocs fans love their ugly but fun and comfortable footwear with a passion. Kentucky Fried Chicken loves a weird promotional product. When KFC and Crocs collide, well - finger lickin' good fashion happens. Indeed, this colossal chicken-scented crossover is real and you have one opportunity to own a pair. Here's how to make it happen...

As you can see, the classic Crocs clog has been reimagined as a red and white striped bucket of KFC complete with a fried chicken pattern on top, KFC logo on the back of the left shoe, and the Colonel on the right. The look is polished off with a fried chicken Jibbitz charm for each shoe that looks and smells like the real thing.

The Crocs x KFC partnership was initially slated for the spring, but we assume that the pandemic situation pushed back the release date. It's now happening today, July 28th at 12pm ET (9am PT). At that time, you'll find your pair of KFC Crocs right here at Crocs.com. However, you'll need to keep the following things in mind:

  • If the release of the Peeps Crocs back in March is anything to go by, the KFC Crocs will sell out in a heartbeat. You will want to be ready before the launch time, and don't be surprised if the Crocs website struggles under the strain.
  • If you miss out, you'll be able to find a pair in your size here on eBay shortly after launch. Odds are their won't be many (or any) restocks on the KFC collection, so this will probably be your best bet after the initial launch.
  • The KFC x Crocs lineup initially included a version of the classic clog with a 4.5-inch platform heel. The landing page for the promotion focuses on the classic clog, so you may or may not have two options when orders finally go live.

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