'Magic: The Gathering' to Reprint Iconic Cards in 25th Anniversary Set

Wizards of the Coast will celebrate 25 years of Magic: The Gathering by released a new set [...]

Wizards of the Coast will celebrate 25 years of Magic: The Gathering by released a new set reprinting some of the game's most iconic cards throughout its history.

Masters 25 will release in stores on March 16th. Masters 25 is comprised of 249 cards reprinted from Magic: The Gathering's 25-year history. The set includes at least one card from each of the game's major releases, meaning that every era of Magic: The Gathering history will be represented in Masters 25.

Almost every card will also feature a watermark in the textbox showing the icon of the set the card originally appeared in. These reprints include cards from the earliest editions of Magic: The Gathering, including the Limited Edition, Beta, and Unlimited sets.

Masters 25 will be released as randomized 15-card booster packs. Each booster pack will include one premium card. Booster Packs will be sold in 24-booster display boxes. The MSRP for each booster pack is $9.99.

Wizards of the Coast is expecting high demand for Masters 25 and so is planning to partially allocate the set's distribution. The allocation will be based at least in part by a store's level on the Wizards Play Network.

Wizards of the Coast is selecting cards for Masters 25 with the goal of making the set a viable option for draft-style play events. As such, the company recommends that Wizards Play Network member stores make use of a least some amount of their allocated boosters for draft play events.

Two cards have already been confirmed for Masters 25. "Jace, the Mind Sculptor," the fan-favorite Planeswalker card from Worldwake, will be featured in the set. The Legendary Creature "Azusa, Lost but Seeking" from Champions of Kamigawa will also be included. The art from each of these cards is also featured on the booster wrap for Masters 25.

Wizards of the Coast will follow the release of Masters 25 with the release of Magic: The Gathering Challenger Decks. These preconstructed decks are designed to give players and easy way to buy themselves directly into the Friday Night Magic standard constructed format. Combined, these two releases give players a taste of modern Magic and the game's long history.

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