These Slipper Boots Have A Not-So-Secret Marauder’s Map

If you’re trying to keep The Marauder’s Map a secret, these slipper boots probably aren’t [...]

If you're trying to keep The Marauder's Map a secret, these slipper boots probably aren't the best way to do it. A little conspicuous if you ask me - but they do look comfortable.

(Photo: Hot Topic)

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The Harry Potter Marauder's Map Slipper boots are available to order here (20% off at the moment), and they're perfect for those early morning classes when you just want to roll out of bed and throw on your Hogwarts leggings. Alternatively, you might choose to wear these Marauder's Map boots. Feeling fancy? That's when you go all out with these Hogwarts blazers.

Afraid of getting lost in the halls of Hogwarts? Wear these Marauder's Map slipper boots from Harry Potter and never lose your way! Plus, the black fuzzy lined boots will keep your feet warm while you walk. They've also got a hard bottom sole, so you can wear them outside!


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