My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Blu-ray Release Date, Bonuses, and More

If you're one of the anime fans that has been anxiously awaiting the release of My Hero Academia: [...]

If you're one of the anime fans that has been anxiously awaiting the release of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising on Blu-ray / Digital, you'll be happy to know that your wait is nearly at an end. The Blu-ray is slated to hit on October 27th, and there are several options to choose from - some of which include fun bonuses.

Below you'll find details on you My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Blu-ray options, pre-orders, bonus features, and more.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Blu-ray Pre-Orders and Bonuses


Standard Edition: Pre-orders for the standard Blu-ray / Digital release of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising are live here at Best Buy and here at Amazon for $24.99. If you pre-order with Amazon you'll be treated to one free digital My Hero Academia comic from Comixology.


SteelBook Edition: The next option is Best Buy's exclusive SteelBook edition with a fancier cover, which you can grab here for $27.99 - only $3 more than the standard release.

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FiGPiN Edition: Walmart has an exclusive Blu-ray bundle for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising that includes a FiGPiN of Izuku in costume for collectors. The bundle is available here at Walmart for $28.99.

Special Features

Unfortunately, the special features on the My Hero Academia Blu-ray are pretty basic with only a behind-the-scenes featurette with the cast and some promo videos.


"The story takes place on a cold winter's night where the snow continues to fall. Shigaraki Tomurra plans to destroy all of hero society as the leader of the League of Villains. Prior to this, as a battle between heroes unfolds, without else knowing, something quietly wakes up and leaves the area.

During that time, Deku and the other students of U.A. Academy Class 1-A are told by the retired No. 1 Hero, All Might, that they will be part of a project to raise the next generation of heroes. They are sent to do hero work for a short time at a warm island south of Japan.

Deku and the others are stationed within the island to work as heroes to help with the daily lives of citizens on the island, and while their schedule is busy, they have time to relax as well.

However, that calm is soon disturbed as villains suddenly made their appearance on the island. One by one they begin destroying the facilities around the island. The one who commands them goes by the name Nine. That night, something awakens there.

Deku, Bakugo, and there best of the Class A members will need to combine their strength to overcome the villain Nine! Why does Nine want to attack this island after all? Can Deku and the other Class A 'New Heroes' protect the citizens of this island from the villain Nine!?"

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising was a worthwhile addition to the anime franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi, exploring not only a brand new challenge for Class 1-A to take on with the new villain Nine, but also further explored the relationship between Midoriya and his "frenemy" in Bakugo. The two young heroes have competed against one another in the past and this second film of the franchise goes a long way in terms of not only burying the hatchet, but giving each hero a much better understanding of one another. Nine himself also gave us a look into what Shigaraki's future was, as the young villain with power over decay has become the TRUE heir to All For One in the manga.

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