NERF Rival Curve Shot Blasters Are Over 60% Off

As the name suggests, NERF's new lineup of Rival Curve Shot blasters allow you to fire rounds on a [...]

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As the name suggests, NERF's new lineup of Rival Curve Shot blasters allow you to fire rounds on a curve (left, right, straight, or down) to surprise opponents even when they're lurking around corners. Basically, they're an ideal secondary weapon to have in close quarters battles. What's more, there's a mega sale happening today ton Curve Shot blasters that drop the price by as much as 63%. The NERF Rival Curve Shot lineup includes three blaster models, which are broken down below.  


NERF RIVAL CURVE SHOT FLEX XXI-100: The smallest and most affordable sidearm in the Curve Shot lineup comes with 5 NERF Rival rounds with onboard storage. Pull down the priming handle to open the breech, load 1 round, and close the breech. Then select your curve with the rotating muzzle and press the trigger fire. The Curve Shot Flex XXI-100 is available to order  here at Amazon for only $5.99 (63% off)


NERF RIVAL CURVE SHOT SIDESWIPE XXI-1200: The next blaster up in the Curve Shot lineup features a rifle-style design with a 12-round side-loading internal magazine and 12 official Nerf Rival rounds. Load the magazine, move the priming bolt, and press the trigger to fire 1 round. The Curve Shot Sideswipe XXI-1200 is available to order here at Amazon for $9.94 (62% off)


NERF RIVAL CURVE SHOT HELIX XXI-2000: The HELIX XXI-2000 blaster is the most powerful and highest capacity blaster in the Curve Shot lineup. Pump the handle to prime and press the trigger to unleash 1 round at a velocity of 90 feet per second. Includes 20 Official NERF RIVAL high-impact rounds which can be loaded in an easy-load hopper. The Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000 is a Target exclusive that you can order right here for $15.74 (50% off)