'Stranger Things 2' Gets an Aftershow

For those of you who can't seem to get enough Stranger Things, you're in luck, as Netflix announced that, coinciding with the release of the show's second season, the series Beyond Stranger Things will also debut, going in-depth about the series to answer all of its burning questions. Check out a clip from Beyond Stranger Things above.

Writer, producer, actor and "superfan" Jim Rash will host the seven-episode series, which not only promises to answer the show's most complex questions, but will also incorporate behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the show's cast and crew. Netflix makes sure to note that all seven episodes of this new series were designed to be enjoyed after watching the entirety of the new season, as it goes deep into the show's complex plot points.

Beyond Stranger Things is Netflix's first foray into the world of post-show discussions, a format that gained popularity with AMC's Talking Dead. The network's success with The Walking Dead surpassed all expectations, becoming one of AMC's flagship series. To help dominate the world of pop culture, Talking Dead featured the cast and crew and a variety of other guests discussing the night's episode immediately after it aired.

The success of Talking Dead also led to the network creating Talking Bad, a series which aired after installments of another one of the network's defining series, Breaking Bad. Given the success of the after show discussion format, other properties and platforms all developed their own after shows to varying degrees of success.

What makes Beyond Stranger Things so fascinating is that other similar programs focus on shows that debut episodically, with it being weeks or sometimes months between new chapters in the story. Stranger Things 2, on the other hand, debuts all at once, allowing viewers to see the entire story unfold in one massive binge-worthy chunk, if they so desire.

This bingeing model removes the concept of discussion on a weekly basis, which could result in a Beyond Stranger Things failing to connect with audiences in the way other after shows do or could potentially result in surprising positive results.

We'll find out when Stranger Things 2 and Beyond Stranger Things debuts tomorrow.

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