'Halloween' Sequel Features Reference to Fan-Favorite 'Halloween III'

The upcoming Halloween sequel is making some massive deviations from the mythology of the previous sequels, though eagle-eyed fans have spotted an Easter egg that pays respects to Halloween III: Season of the Witch. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) crosses paths with trick-or-treaters who are wearing masks created by Silver Shamrock in the third film.

halloween iii easter egg trailer 2018
(Photo: Universal Pictures)

In the third film, a series of bizarre occurrences uncovers a toy manufacturer in northern California that has created witch, skull, and jack-o-lantern masks, which become the most sought-after novelties of the season. Unfortunately, the Silver Shamrock company has nefarious intentions, as each mask has been implanted with a device which will cause the wearer to die when a specific commercial is played.

The brief moment of the trailer offers audiences a glimpse of the recognizable witch and skull masks, though no jack-o-lantern mask can be witnessed.

Halloween III is a unique film in regards to the overall Halloween franchise, with some audiences loving it while other audiences are left confused as to its connection to Michael Myers.

Co-writer and director of the original Halloween John Carpenter never intended to create a franchise focusing on Michael Myers, though it was the inevitability of the studio system that resulted in a sequel focusing on the masked killer. Rather than let someone else craft a sequel, Carpenter agreed to write Halloween II in hopes that it would officially close the book on Myers.

The second sequel in the franchise shifted gears completely, with the only reference to the original film being a commercial on a TV promoting the broadcast of that film on a television station. This completely cut the film off from the possibility of existing in the same world as Michael Myers.

Fans were confused by the lack of Myers, resulting in a disappointing response to the film. The next film marked the return of the character, with Michael Myers becoming the prominent antagonist in each subsequent film.

Given the dismal sequels found throughout the Halloween franchise, fans have begun to show their support for Halloween III, recognizing it as an entertaining entry into the saga which is stronger as a whole than many of its sequels, even without the masked murderer.


The minds behind the new Halloween film have promised more franchise Easter eggs in their film, which lands in theaters on October 19th.

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